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The Seeds of Greatness Treasury by Denis Waitley E-book

The Seeds of Greatness Treasury by Denis Waitley E-book

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“The Seeds of Greatness” by Denis Waitley is a priceless gift of poetry, prose, and proverbs of inspiration. It is a powerful book that provides insights into nurturing your inner greatness and achieving a meaningful life.

  • In this book, Denis Waitley shows how to nurture the greatness within you and develop a system that allows you to achieve in months which many psychologists take years to accomplish.
  • The book is based on ten attributes (or "seeds") that can lead to a fulfilling life.
  • By empowering readers to change their lives for the better, Waitley combines positive attitudes with natural abilities, goal-setting strategies, and effective communication skills.

Key Themes:

  • Mindset: Understanding the power of a positive mindset.
  • Self-Improvement: Choosing goals and taking steps to attain them.
  • Interpersonal Skills: Enhancing understanding and being understood by others.
  • Higher Goals: Setting ambitious objectives for personal growth.


  • Denis Waitley’s wisdom has resonated with diverse audiences, including Apollo astronauts, Fortune 500 executives, Olympic gold medalists, and students worldwide.
  • The book provides practical guidance for unlocking your potential and living a truly meaningful life.

Remember, the Seeds of Greatness lie within you, waiting to be nurtured.


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