The Waitley Institute

The Waitley Institute is a pioneering behavioral, research institute offering time-tested, efficacy-based innovative approaches, tools and techniques for enhancing human potential. It is based upon fifty years of research, case studies and development involving personal interaction with some of the world’s most prominent thought-leaders in the fields of motivation, high-performance achievement, responsibility psychology and stress management. 

It is a global leader in high-performance achievement for Fortune 500 top executives and entrepreneurs, Superbowl and Olympic champions, Apollo astronauts, returning POWs, Heads of state, and students of all ages. 

The Waitley Institute offers leading-edge coaching, consulting and training, customized to maximize results and long-term sustainability. Our high-performance team and leadership programs have boosted motivation, sales, productivity and engagement up to 88% for our clients throughout the U.S., Europe, China and the Asia-Pacific region, and the UAE.

The Waitley Institute Provides Corporate Keynotes and

• Exciting new topics on leadership innovation, team effectiveness and employee engagement.
• Powerful messaging to inspire and motivate your workforce.
• Jump-start and boost morale and productivity.

High-Performance Coaching

• Unblock obstacles and unlock hidden potential to optimize individual and team performance.
• Maximize your human capital to proactively navigate change, resolve conflicts and become champions of change" to drive your vision, mission, goals and results.

Results-Based Training

• Ignite your teams with a winning mindset integration.
• Enhance motivation, initiative, strategic thinking and creative problem-solving.
• Build emotional intelligence and resiliency.