Deborah Waitley, Ph.D.

Deborah Waitley is a consultant to Fortune 500 and multi-national organizations in the areas of leadership effectiveness, organizational excellence, performance coaching and innovation/change management. She worked closely with her father, Denis Waitley, to advance the high Performance human behavior programs through the Waitley Institute in the U.S. and the Waitley Institute for Leadership Learning (WILL) in China.

Deborah is committed to ensuring individuals, teams and organizations can access and develop the necessary tools, skills and mindsets to thrive toward short-term productivity boosts and long-term performance results and sustainability. With a strong background in psychology and organizational behavior, Deborah serves as an empowering catalyst for change, navigating through the challenges of the cultural "DNA."

Her areas of expertise include:

Leadership Innovation
Performance Coaching
Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Development
Employee Engagement and Empowerment

She is a co-author of the "The Psychology of Winning for Women." This book encapsulates powerful insights into achieving success and personal fulfillment.

Key Themes:
Mindset: Understanding the power of mindset in achieving success.
Neuroscience: Exploring how our brain processes information, emotions, and decision-making.
Resilience: Building mental resilience to overcome challenges.
Self-Mastery: Developing self-awareness and self-control.