Acres of Diamonds




By: Russell H. Conwell

Narrated by: Denis Waitley

Length: 59 mins MP3 Format

In this program, Denis Waitley narrates one of the most popular, self-help speeches in the world – delivered over 6,000 times by Russell Conwell, a Baptist minister, nearly 150 years ago. At the heart of “Acres of Diamonds” is a parable Conwell heard while traveling through the Middle East in 1870. It is a story about a Persian farmer named Ali Hafed, who wasted his life searching, in vain, for diamonds that would make him rich, never knowing that the farmland he had abandoned would produce some of the most valuable diamonds ever found, that would adorn the crowns of Europe’s kings and queens. 

A recognized pioneer in the personal development movement, Denis Waitley is one of the most respected and listened to voices on high performance achievement. The author of 18 non-fiction books, his audio album, “The Psychology of Winning,” is the all-time, best-selling program on self-mastery. Acres of Diamonds, Russell Conwell’s famous motivational speech, is narrated by Denis Waitley, who offers his own observations at the conclusion of the program as to why we need to search for our own “acres of diamonds” in our own backyards; the backyards of our minds, where our core values and beliefs are stored. 

What you will learn: 

  • Core values are like diamonds, as necessary as the air we breathe 
  • Most people look for success in all the wrong places and faces 
  • Love is letting go of fear 
  • The four legs of self-esteem 
  • Building self-trust through self-efficacy


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