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Physical Performance

The Ultimate Healthy Fitness and Wellness Program

Welcome to The Ultimate Healthy Fitness and Wellness courses, designed to help you build a fat-burning, disease-fighting, age-defying body and mind. This program is not about deprivation, calorie counting, bathroom scales, weighing foods, packaged foods, miracle foods, or other gimmicks. It’s knowledge you can trust about your health and optimum state of wellness.  If you follow the advice in this program, you’ll be more healthy and lean for life.  

As the former chairman of psychology for the US Olympic Committee Sports Medicine Council I am familiar with the prototype programs that have been used by elite athletes and Olympians.  We believe the information in these courses, combined with an ongoing lifestyle modification program, will change forever the way you view nutrition, dieting, and exercise.  In the past, they were treated separately. There were the physical fitness buffs and nutritional advocates, which I call The Groaners vs. the Grazers.  The result has been a fitness maze. The dilemma of what to eat, what not to eat, when to eat, and how much to eat has given us indigestion as we have been bombarded by the advertisements and infomercials, and tried to sort out a sensible nutrition plan.  The confusion of whether to run, pump iron, swim, row, cycle, stair step, jump rope, dance or hang upside down like fruit bats, combined with how far, how long, how much, and how often, keep us all on a treadmill of new fad approaches depending on which TV fitness guru we’re watching, or advice from a friend we had lunch with yesterday.  All of us spend too much time on the cosmetic surface, rather than beginning with disciplining the fitness center in our being: our own mind.  

Wellness or fitness is not a running program, a set of menus, or a self-awareness seminar.  

Fitness is a science, a dynamic science in action, integrating your mind and body over time.  Science has been defined as the organization of matter and knowledge in such a way as to command more of the hidden potential in nature.  We talk about wellness as more than just the absence of illness.  This, of course, is our ultimate mission.  We define fitness as the organization of knowledge in such a way as to master or command more of the hidden potential in YOU.  

This program is the organization of the separate elements of the fitness program, of nutrition, and physical activity, using your mind as the primary conductor, so that you can connect the program to you, and unlock the hidden potential in you. In the past, scientific approaches to daily living have been a turn-off to the general public because they’ve been too complex, too loaded with formulas, too many menus, cooking instructions, rigid adherence to routines, calorie-counting, and regimens too difficult to follow in today’s changing world where time is scarce, responsibilities are many, and where the urgent always seems to crowd the important out of our lives.  

We seem to be going in many directions, but nothing seems to be coming together.  That’s why you need a synergistic approach, where the whole system creates synergy, in which the total result is much greater than the sum of the individual parts.  Everything in your world, your life and your body is inextricably connected and intertwined.  On a grander scale, the atoms, stars, and galaxies, and life itself, are remarkably sensitive to the exact form in which the fundamental laws of physics and biology manifest themselves.  So sensitive is the balance that the slightest shift in the maestro’s orchestration could cause a catastrophic change in the order of the universe.  

The universe within you is equally as marvelous and interrelated.  You have a brain capable of thinking at a rate of 800 words per minute, which can replay events from the past as if they were actually reoccurring, and which can pre-play events that have never happened, as if they were actually occurring.  Your body consists of ten-trillion cells.  Your eyes have 100 million receptors.  Your ears contain twenty-four thousand fibers.  Your skeleton is composed of 200 bones, which are the framework for 500 muscles. 7 miles of nerve fiber, and 60,000 miles of blood vessels, which lead to a heart that pumps more than 1,600 gallons of blood through them every day.

Disrupt the fragile balance within your body with poor nutritional habits, a sedentary lifestyle, and negative thought patterns, and the result will be disorder, disease, and emotional discord.  But apply the dynamically balanced organization of the principles in this program of good nutrition, proper physical activity, and effective behavior, and the results will be better health, high performance, and increased longevity.

Traditional diets as the public has come to know them don’t work. That’s why they are referred to as yoyo diets.  Your weight goes down rapidly, and then comes back up, as if it were on a revolving string.  Dieting, without follow-through is something people do for a while until it works, until it fails, or until they get tired of it.  People become overweight for 2 major reasons:  First, their genetic makeup turns extra calories into fat more readily than other individuals, and second, they eat significant amounts of high-fat food and they get too little physical activity.

In today’s society, the burger-pizza-netflix syndrome provides poor nutrition and a sedentary lifestyle to foster an out-of-shape, nutritionally at-risk population.  Commercial media bombard our senses with beautiful role models impossible to emulate, and our self-esteem suffers as we binge and purge ourselves on fad diets and magic notions, potions, and lotions predestined for failure.  

Have you ever stopped to think about your habits?  How many do you have that you really don’t want?  Or that are not good for your mental and physical health.  Smoking, drinking, over-eating, being late, nail biting, feeling depressed or cynical.  These are all subconscious habits that are learned.  All of them suggest a self-esteem problem and usually require self-image modification to bring about any permanent change.  The only other possibility for immediate change is for someone to tell us, “If you don’t stop doing it, you’re going to die.”  Incredibly, even with this threat many people can’t find the power within to change.

But we can change if we want to.

In our work with prisoners of war, astronauts, super bowl champions, executives and their families, We’ve seen an obsession that was a flimsy cobweb of an idea at first.  Through long hours of practice and effort it began to solidify into something as tangible and worthwhile as an Olympic gold medal.  We all have the power within.  There’s the potential gold mine inside each of our goals.  And you and I are different from most people because we genuinely expect our dreams will come true.  We’re interested in improving our lives and the lives of those we touch.  We’re not fanatics, we don’t fall for bizarre or fad notions, potions or lotions.  We want to understand how we think and why we do things.  We want to learn enough about how our mind functions so we can get it to work for us rather than against us.  

What most people don’t realize is that our body weight is controlled by a kind of thermostat in our brain.  After years of eating and lifestyle habits, we develop a comfort zone, or set point in body mass and weight that is maintained automatically.  People don’t deliberately try to remain overweight; it comes naturally.  Much as a thermostat runs our home heating and cooling system, the body’s hypothalamus, a tiny organ in the brain, controls the degree of body fatness that our bodies literally grow comfortable with.

Our bodies can sense and adjust both the rate at which we burn calories at rest and the amount we eat.  Early in our lives, this stubborn fat thermostat is set by our genetic make-up, general eating habits, and levels of physical activity. When we attempt to lose body fat solely by calorie intake restriction, our thermostat automatically reduces the number of calories burned.  A drop of 500 calories a day in intake will be met by a corresponding drop in calories burned at rest.  The net result:  you’re eating less, but burning less.  And the body fat still taunts you.  

Conversely, when you gain small amounts of fat, or simply turn up your caloric intake for several days, the body responds by turning up the thermostat, and the metabolic rate of calorie-burning rises.  You’re eating more, but burning more.  And your weight remains fairly stable. This accounts for those people that we love to hate.  Those with the wiry bodies who eat everything and claim they never exercise, but never gain weight.  Whereas people like me gain weight just thinking about deep-dish apple pie and ice cream.

Recent trends in obesity research point out that the body weight control system is far more complicated than ever imagined.  Weight control requires a total approach, nutrition, physical activity, and behavior modification.  The only safe, effective, and long-term method of weight control is the one dictated by the laws of thermodynamics.  If over time, energy expenditure exceeds energy intake, you will lose body fat and weight.  This requires behavior and lifestyle modification.  

Winning and losing are both learned habits.  And habits are reflex actions.  One amazing revelation that will strike you as astounding throughout this program will talk very little about losing weight and dieting.  This is not a diet program, not a program on weight-loss.  It’s about changing your behavior over time from unhealthy and overweight to healthy and lean.  Of course we’re concerned about your concern about weight, but weight isn’t the main event; it’s only a single issue, the tip of the iceberg.  So you’re not going to hear about weighing in, counting calories, and all kinds of recipes.

You see, food selection is important but not the controlling issue.  If it were, then diets would be the answer.  This issue is taking control of your responses, managing your beliefs, changing your perceptions, images, and role models, learning new, effective life management strategies, and layering them over your old behaviors, to make winning a lean lifestyle your new, permanent habit.

In this program you will learn about the Brain’s Automatic Pilot: Understanding the Inner Thermostat that influences weight control and other autonomic responses. You also will be able to internalize why maintaining fitness is more linked to behavior modification and resetting your self-image to a higher level of health and wellness. You also will gain insights into the prevailing Myths and Truths about Nutrition, Exercise and Health, which will separate the fads from the facts about your lifestyle.

Most importantly, you will be armed with the ability to replace, former destructive habits with new high performance, positive habits that will help you gain and maintain your desired level of health for the rest of your life.

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