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Winning for Life  (12 courses, printed material)

Welcome to Winning for Life, the primary, core values set of courses in our library. Winning has a new definition for individuals and organizations in the game of life. It used to mean beating the others and being Number One. Winning signified standing victoriously over a fallen adversary – “the survival of the fittest.” As we roar through the decades of this 21st century, it is obvious that the very nature of “winning” must change. Instead of “I win – You lose,” the new definition must be ‘Let’s win together!” This is what we call The Double Win. The real winners in the present and future world arena will be more often the champions of “cooperation” rather than merely “competition.” The “Win-Win” playbook is the only one that can endure. “Win-Win” means” “If I help you win, then I win too!” The real winners in life get what they want by helping others get what they want. Independence has been replaced by interdependence.

Winners are those individuals who in a very natural, free-flowing way seem to consistently get what they want from life by providing valuable service to others. They put themselves together across the board – in their personal, professional, and community lives. They set and achieve goals that benefit others as well as themselves. You don’t have to get lucky to win at life, nor do you have to knock other people down or gain at the expense of others. Winning is taking the talent or potential you were born with, and have since developed, and using it fully toward a purpose that makes you feel worthwhile according to your own internal standards. Happiness, then, is the natural by-product of living a worthwhile life. Happiness is the natural experience of winning your own self-respect, as well as the respect of others. You can’t buy it, wear it, drive it, swallow it, inject it or travel to it! Happiness is the journey, not the destination.

We’re in a fast forward world – where there are no time-outs, no substitutions, and the clock is always running. This is not a scrimmage or a practice drill. Every day’s the Super Bowl, World Series, World Cup, Olympic Gold Medal Event and the Championship Finals. And there is no instant replay. This is your real game of life. We consider Life to be a Game of Choice, The choices we make in response to our circumstances, the goals we set, and the actions we take on a daily basis determine – to a large extent – the outcomes in our lives. True enough, we don’t control the cards we are dealt in terms of genetics, geography, upbringing and natural disasters, along with the unavoidable actions by others. However, we – alone – play the hand we have been dealt. And we survive and thrive by the wisdom of our own decisions. It’s not what happens to you in life that counts. It’s how you take it and what you make of it.

It’s true: Things turn out best for people who make the best of the way things turn out.” Winning has a different meaning for every individual. We are here to coach you to be the best you can possibly be. Our own coaching philosophy is this: In the Game of Life each person, while alive, is given 168 hours a week to spend. You spend your life learning, exploring, growing, losing, winning and, if you are unselfish, trying to make a positive contribution. Your life is a collection of moments and memories. It also is the legacy you pass on to family and future leaders. The lessons you leave in your own, next generation – as core values – are far more priceless than the material valuables you will leave them in your estate.

Life is governed by universal laws that have remained unchanged since the beginning of recorded time. Actions cause reactions. Rights carry responsibilities. Truth promotes trust. Thoughts become things. Love is to life, as the sun is to planet Earth. Every choice carries a reward or consequence. In the long run, like rings within a tree, each of us becomes the sum total of our actions. Character can’t be counterfeited. Life is like a field of newly fallen snow; where we choose to walk, every step will show. This is especially true in the world of cyberspace, where every electronic impression we make via Facebook, You Tube, Twitter, and Instagram is like a notation we make in a global diary that we may regret  or cherish later in life.

In decades past, the playing field was local and regional. Today and in the future it is global and anything but level. The underdogs want what the previous champions enjoy. Rising expectations of developing nations motivate them to study more, work harder, and persevere more so that they can stand in the winner’s circle and harvest the benefits of their labors. That’s why it is more difficult to stay on top, than it is to get on top.

Winning is not just how much you score, but also how you build, nurture and edify other winning teammates in your business, friendships, family and community. Your goal is to be front and center in the winner’s circle and bring others into that circle with you. We want you to become the MVP in your professional and personal life: The most valuable player on your team, the most valuable producer at work and the most valuable parent or person in your family and friendship circle.

The 12 courses in The Winning for Life program encourage you to step back from the canvas of life and take a good look at yourself as you relate to your environmental, physical, mental and spiritual world. You will learn to accept yourself as a unique, imperfect, changing, and growing individual and to recognize your own vast potential as well as your limitations. You will increase your ability to separate prejudice from truth, which is so challenging because each of us looks at life through a filter of past experience and ingrained beliefs.

You will become more aware of your talents, values and interests, and be able to shape them into powerful, achievable goals, treating your mind as a marvelous GPS system, where GPS stands for Goal Positioning System. You will internalize effective methods of communicating with yourself and others; as well as gain increased emotional intelligence and resiliency. The most important outcome that we want you to receive from participating is to give you the tools and guidance to take specific, daily actions for self-actualization and self-fulfillment according to your own, personal desires.

Life is a loan, not a gift. It is offered to each of us as faithful caretakers with no guarantees on health or safe passage. Since we don’t have the power to predict the length of the journey, we, ourselves, must design what fulfillment we are seeking with quality and meaning.

Wisdom is seeing from within. It is worth repeating that it is not what happens that really counts, it is how we take it and what we make of it. Life is not a treasure hunt. All we can accumulate that is lasting is the love and goodwill of others. Wisdom is sharing what we have learned and earned, and planting shade trees for those that follow, under which, we ourselves may never sit. The secret is to turn a life of collection into a life of celebration.

Our mission is to re-ignite the joy of shared enthusiasm that marked our youth, but tempered by the wisdom of experience over time. To face the world with the wide-eyed wonder of a school-child, and the wink of understanding of the teacher.

Realize that your purpose in life will determine how you make use of your time. Purpose is the engine that powers our lives. Without it, we may toil in a job, but we will never build a career. The greatest men and women in all walks of life achieved their greatness out of a desire to express something within themselves that had to be expressed. Successful people – successful in the deepest sense of the world – don’t look for achievements that will bring them the most for the least amount of effort. They look for the greatest challenges to test their potential. That‘s what Winning for Life is all about.